Villalta provides a wide range of accessories to simplify and speed up the shoring at the building yard.

Accessories for a rapid and safe prop’s placement:

Fork head

Supporting head

Tripods for props


Quick release devices

Strong accessories for props handling and warehousing, as well as for crane lifting.


Great Variety of Shoring Accessories by Villalta SRL


A world leader in manufacturing structural safety products, Villalta SRL enhances the functionalities of its shoring props with a host of shoring accessories.


Based in the Italian province of Padua, Villalta SRL is one of the world’s best in manufacturing structural safety equipment. In line with the European safety rules and regulations, our scaffoldings, shoring props, formworks, fencing, and walk slabs provide a long-lasting solution to all of your safety needs in a particular construction site. With the availability of a variety of enhancements and accessories, you can also make the most of our tools quite comfortably.


High-quality Shoring Props


With a promise of supreme quality, Villalta offers a number of shoring system including the e models. Rugged, reliable and stable; our systems are designed for those who don’t want to compromise on the safety of their construction sites. Whether it’s the standard telescopic props, the push-pull props, lightweight or heavy-duty shoring towers; you can rely on us for the finest aluminium and steel-made tools. Every one of our props is also available in a variety of versions, making them perfect for any of your needs.


Compatible Shoring Accessories


To enhance the functionalities of each of our shoring props, Villalta SRL also concentrates heavily in the production of different shoring accessories. In our collection, you would find tools such as fork heads, tripods for props, supporting heads, sleeves, pallets, devices for quick release, etc. There are also a great range of accessories for props handling, crane lifting, and warehousing. Thanks to our continuous research and brilliantly flexible production systems, these accessories can effectively speed up the shoring process of your building yard without any further complications. Built to last for a long time, these accessories are a one-time investment for the future.

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