Villalta offers a wide range of accessories designed and manufactured to match ALL our scaffolding models with maximum versatility and ease of use.

Their high quality standards assure flexibility and security, to solve in a quick, easy and efficient way all the different needs at the construction site.



Scaffolding Accessories Vill for Villalta Scaffolding Systems


Enhance the safety and the functionalities of your favourite Villalta SRL scaffolding system with the help of a range of scaffolding accessories Vill.


Since its establishment back in 1967, Villalta SRL has become a globally recognized name in the structural sectors. Our passion for innovation, dedication to ensuring the highest quality, as well as our attention to even the smallest of details, is what’s behind this enormous success. So, it’s no surprise that our host of scaffolding accessories vill also translate our promise of dynamism, efficiency and professionalism.


Great Variety of Choices


Whether its brackets, heads, additional tubes, ladders, chained buckets, or locks; you are sure to find any accessories that you may need for your preferred scaffolding system. Thanks to our guaranteed high-quality assurance, the accessories would last as long as your system if not more.


Compatible with All Systems


All of our scaffolding accessories vill have been designed and manufactured in line with all four of the scaffolding systems we offer at Villalta. So, whether it’s our Mercury Scaffolding with Pins, Meteor Scaffolding, Rocket Scaffolding with Bushes, or the Tube & Coupler Scaffolding System popularly known as the Scaffolding Villalta Fav3; these accessories are perfect to work well with all of them.


Quick Solution to Complex Problems


Not only they are compliant with all the standard regulations, but our scaffolding accessories are also designed to ensure the maximum ease of use in a high-pressured situation. Therefore, no matter which accessory it is, you can quickly and effortlessly set them up with our in-house scaffolding systems. Effectively, it means the savings of a lot of time and efforts required for such tasks in construction sites. Made using the finest materials, they are also guaranteed to provide maximum security with little to no maintenance.

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