Concrete mixer: it is the classic sturdy and reliable professional machine used for mixing mortars. It is ideal for all kinds of building sites; we supply concrete mixers with different drum capacities, depending of the required output: from bricolage model up to the biggest one (500 lt output), to satisfy all the requirements. Available also with towing kit, very popular in the French market.

Silenced concrete mixer: thanks to its particular gear system, specially designed to ensure a greater comfort to the user, it removes almost completely the noise. It is supplied into two versions: with tipping pinion or with tipping reducer.

Reversing drum concrete mixer: it is particularly suitable for concretes or for mixtures with large diameter aggregates and allows a quick production of large quantities of mortar. Indicated for large and medium-sized building sites, particularly sturdy and very simple to use, especially in those countries where skilled workers are not available. According to the model capacity and the mortar type, it is possible to produce 10/12 mixtures per hour.

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