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Villalta pedestrian barriers are manufactured in compliance with the European safety norms, which rule the production of building equipment.

Thanks to their solidity, stability and quickness of utilization, the safety application is guaranteed in every application: civil, roadworks and building yard.

Available sizes:

  • 100×100 cm
  • 200×100 cm
  • 250×110 cm

Technical features:

  • Tubolar frame Ø 38X2
  • Vertical round bar Ø 10
  • Pin ø 10
  • Thickness flange 3
  • Screw with self-locking nut for foot block.
  • Hi-visibility reflecting strip only upon request
  • Manufacturing standard: UNI EN ISO 3834-1:2006
  • Hot dip galvanization according to UNI EN ISO 1461 – UNI EN 40 norm
  • Steel grade S235 JR

They are commonly used:

  1. as barrier / fencing for bounding building yard
  2. Along roads, with hi-visibility strips
  3. At under-construction stands for events
  4. To demarcate working or service areas and “no access” zones.
  5. to control the access of not-authorized personnel
  6. in unsafe and tumbledown areas (for example in regions damaged by earthquakes or overflowing).

The HDPE barriers are suitable to delimit road yards, pedestrian crossings, depots of materials and to control events spaces etc. The barrier is non-deformable, flexible, easy to move even by one person thanks to a total weight of 12 kg, easily transportable and stackable.

Overall dimensions: height 105,5 cm, width 195 cm, thickness 5,3 cm

White / red reflective strip.

Black feet in contrast with the rest of the barrier, wide support surface, they can be rotated to increase the stability of the barrier.

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