Ponteggio Mercury con spondina e corrente/diagonale


The walk-through Mercury scaffolding, with 6 symmetrical lock pins is entirely made in S235JRH steel.

It is able to satisfy all the construction site requirements in compliance with the highest safety standards thanks to its solidity and easiness of use. The wide range of accessories (steel planks, trapdoors, toe boards, ladders, ledger end parapets, lower and upper close start frames, parapets, brackets & struts, fixed and adjustable baseplates, girders for opening) can be combined to the standard modules; it is suitable to erect articulated geometries even at a considerable heights as it easily adapts to the great demand construction techniques. Ideal for all construction and maintenance operations, it is compatible with tube & coupler scaffolding system.

Mercury scaffolding, with pins, is one of the most required and appreciated system from rental and construction companies, thanks to its quality, solidity, speed and ease of use.

Mercury frame can be assembled into the combinations ledger & parapet or ledger & diagonal.

Mercury scaffolding available finishes:

– Painted: dip painting with minimum durability as per standard test ASTM D2247-87 in humidity chamber, brown colour RAL 8015

– Hot dip galvanized in compliance to UNI EN ISO 1461 – UNI EN 40 norm

Manufacturing standards of all elements:

– In compliance to the Authorization issued by the Italian Labour Ministry n. 5658/PR/OP/PONT/V dated 07/07/2004

– In compliance to the European norm EN12810-1:2004 / EN 12811-1:2004

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