Villalta pedestrian barriers are manufactured in compliance with the European safety norms, which rule the production of building equipment.

Thanks to their solidity, stability and quickness of utilization, the safety application is guaranteed in every application: civil, roadworks and building yard.

Available sizes:

  • 100×100 cm
  • 200×100 cm
  • 250×110 cm

Technical features:

  • Tubolar frame Ø 38X2
  • Vertical round bar Ø 10
  • Pin ø 10
  • Thickness flange 3
  • Screw with self-locking nut for foot block.
  • Hi-visibility reflecting strip only upon request
  • Manufacturing standard: UNI EN ISO 3834-1:2006
  • Hot dip galvanization according to UNI EN ISO 1461 – UNI EN 40 norm
  • Steel grade S235 JR

They are commonly used:

  1. as barrier / fencing for bounding building yard
  2. Along roads, with hi-visibility strips
  3. At under-construction stands for events
  4. To demarcate working or service areas and “no access” zones.
  5. to control the access of not-authorized personnel
  6. in unsafe and tumbledown areas (for example in regions damaged by earthquakes or overflowing)


Temporary Fencing and Pedestrian Barriers Made by Villalta SRL


Strong temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers are often the most important element to ensure safety in constructions sites and Villalta makes them perfect for their purposes.


Founded back in 1967, Villalta SRL has been working tirelessly to manufacture structural props and safety gears of the highest quality. With advanced equipment and innovative techniques, Villalta manufactures products of the highest quality – satisfying the various different needs of different people. The same techniques are applied to the construction of temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers; which are built to last reliably for a long time.


Temporary Fencing Solutions


An integral element to safeguard a construction site, our temporary fencing solutions are perfect to stop unauthorized access to any bounded area. They are strong and reliable, thanks to the use of Ø 4 mm steel in its electro-welded mesh. They are available in a great variety of sizes ranging from 120×120 cm gate to 200×350 cm fencing. You can also have them with hot-dip galvanization or pre-galvanized. Thanks to the availability of a host of accessories such as stabilizer, pegs, pallets, plastic feet, and connectors, etc.; putting up temporary fencing by Villalta is as easy as it can get.


Pedestrian Barriers


Whether it’s building yards or the construction of roads, pedestrian barriers are very useful in ensuring controlled accessibility in the designated area. That’s why Villalta produces barriers that are strong, solid and pretty easy to manoeuvre around. They are also perfectly compliant with European safety regulations. Available in three different dimensions, they can be both temporary or a permanent solution with self-locking nut. On request, you can also get them with high-visibility reflecting strips.


With so many features and guaranteed safety, you can’t go wrong with the temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers by Villalta SRL.

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