Scaffolding Villalta Fav3: TUBE & COUPLER Scaffolding System


One of the best solution to build the most complex structures, the Scaffolding Villalta Fav3 is a testament to the quality of industrial structural equipment made by Villalta SRL.


There are a lot more things than the eyes can see of a construction site. Beyond the usual concrete, cement and steels; there is a range of other tools that enables the workers to apply their crafts. Among those tools and products, scaffolding plays a major role in ensuring the complex movements and the safety of construction workers.


Scaffolding Villalta Fav3


Considering the importance of scaffolding and the modern-day demands of structural constructions, Villalta SRL went on to manufacture a state-of-art system popularly known as Scaffolding Villalta Fav3. It’s primarily a Tube & Coupler scaffolding system with ‘FAV 3’ trademark carved on them, and perfect for building some of the most complex structures in the world. They are very reliable and strong, while also offering enough flexibility to be useful in performing a great range of tasks. With easy installations, it can be effectively used for even the most extreme construction works, building reinforcements and recovery works, etc.


Main Features of the System


Scaffolding Villalta Fav3 system is manufactured in compliance with guidance issued by the Labour Ministry of Italy, making them the safest system available. Each of the tubes of our Tube & Coupler system is made using high-grade, hot-dip galvanized steel in compliance with the standard European regulations. In terms of actual dimension, all the outer tubes are 48.3 mm thick.


The couplers, on the other hand, have been given a minimum 8 micron-thick tropicalization treatment on top of its zinc-plated coating. Therefore, the highly functional scaffolding system is guaranteed to last for a long time, facilitating seamless constructions.

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