Villalta S.r.l. is a manufacturer and supplier of various types of temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers.

The company’s products are used in numerous sectors: construction, agriculture, industry and retail, where they are employed as safety measures when transporting materials or goods, as well as for crowd control at events. They offer a wide range of products including temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers. Our products are suitable for a variety of industries including construction sites, shopping malls and events such as festivals and concerts where crowd control is essential.

Temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers: high-quality materials

Our team of designers, engineers, project managers and technicians are able to provide solutions to satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements. Our products such as temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers are made using high-quality materials and they can be customized according to specific needs or applications. Our temporary fencing and pedestrian barriers are made from a wide range of materials and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The materials used to manufacture our products are weather resistant, so they will not corrode or become damaged in high temperatures or under heavy rainfalls. Over more than 30 years we have developed our products to meet all needs and requirements of our customers. We have an experienced staff who works with passion and professionalism every day to meet customers’ needs through a constant search for innovation, quality and service. We are constantly developing new products and updating our catalog to meet the needs of our customers.

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