PUSH-PULL PROPS (Tirant-Poussant)


PUSH-PULL PROPS (Tirant-Poussant)

Push-Pull props, named also “Tirant-Poussant”, are able to perform a double action, as they can operate both in compression and in traction (push and pull actions.)

This shoring system is necessary to bear and stabilize many frameworks in maximum safety during the casting step; solving any installation problem of vertical formworks, whether formworks (wooden panels), steel formwork, plastic or prefabricated elements.

We provide:

– “standard” version, with articulated and 45° tilting plate.

– “class B” version, with all the safety and loading capacity features of heavy duty props – with articulated and 45° tilting plate

– “double arm” version, with double hinges for the correct hooking to the steel formwork.

Technical features:

PAINTING: dip painting with minimum durability as per standard test ASTM D2247-87 in humidity chamber, brown colour RAL 8015,

WELDING: welding procedure qualification record (WPQR) according to DIN EN ISO 15613:2005. Certificate NR.: P16W.0122

Manufactured according to UNI EN 729-2: 1996

Steel grade: S235 JRH

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